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​​Clean up with the Z-Xpress Car Wash Fund Raising Program. We are committed to supporting Fund Raising events in our community by helping non-profits and charitable organizations raise money. Make your next Fund Raising event a huge success with Z-Xpress.

Schools • Churches • Athletic Teams • Local Service Clubs • Community Projects • Non-Profit Organizations

Determine the time frame of your fundraiser (14 day min / 30 day max). Your organization can sell any of three featured car washes. The buyer can redeem their car wash purchase at Z-Xpress anytime during regular business hours. Z-Xpress Car Wash supplies the wash brochures and coupons.​

Save Money: No product to pre-purchase or stock.
Save Time: No order taking, product pick up, prep and delivery.
No Risk: Weather can spoil a one day Soap & Bucket Wash Event.
Safe: No risk of injury with kids around vehicles
Potential: More profitable. More people involved.
Credibility: You are offering a professional service.
Value: A needed service, everyone has a vehicle, they all get dirty.

At the end of the drive, unsold brochures/coupons are returned to Z-Xpress. Treat coupons like CASH. Payment is required for all unreturned coupons. Your cost and profit will vary based on the number of washes sold and the wash package sold. See the example below: 


100 Z-Xtreme Washes x $5 profit = $500 for the Fund. WOW!


  • Each Z-Xcellent:  $9 wash sold, your fundraiser profit is $3.00

  • Each Z-Xtra:  $12 wash sold, your fundraiser profit is $4.00

  • Each Z-Xtreme:  $15 wash sold, your fundraiser profit is $5.00

  • Each Z-Xtasy:  $17 wash sold, your fundraiser profit is $5.60

Not to be sold on Z-Xpress Car Wash property. Limited to twice annually per organization. Selling for a lesser price must be approved by Z-Xpress Car Wash. No Expiration Date on washes sold, purchaser can redeem any time.​

Choose time frame for selling washes for your fundraiser. Determine the quantity of wash brochure/coupons needed (additional can be provided during the drive).


For more information to get your car wash fund raiser started please call  (502) 245-3911 

Sign Agreement = Sell Washes = A Successful Fund Raiser​