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What Is So Different About Z-Xpress Car Wash

Soft Touch Neoprene Wash - Finest Cleaning Products - Pure Water Clean - High Speed Drying - Excellent Customer Service - Self Service Vacuums


Neoprene – Our car wash uses only the finest products in order to protect your car. The soft touch wash uses neoprene, which is the softest in the industry. 
Chemicals – Inside the tunnel, we change the pH of your vehicle’s surface three times to provide you the cleanest wash and catalyze our high quality chemicals so they can protect your vehicle. We use NO generics, only top brands like Armor All. Our touch-free boosters increase the effectiveness of our top quality chemicals to loosen up and dissolve road grime. Special wheel and tire chemicals help us give your vehicle that WOW appeal!

Water – We use the purest water, with both HOT & cold applications, to produce the cleanest & shiniest vehicles in town! Water out of a garden hose simply cannot provide the same results!

Dryers – 160 HP! Up to 160 HP for powerful, fast results! Any remaining drops of water evaporate without leaving any spots!

Z-Xpress Car Wash Pricing

● indicates included with car wash package

A La Carte $2:
Wheel Bright • Clear Coat Protector • Underbody Wash Rust Inhibitor • Triple Foam Polish • Tire Dressing
Lava Wash $3